St Louis Gender Foundation

St Louis Gender Foundation Rules, Regulations, and Policies


The $30.00 annual ( January to December ) membership fee in StLGF entitles you to receive six(6) issues of the newsletter, The Gazette, access to the library materials, right to vote and run for office and to attend StLGF meetings and functions.  Members are entitled also to use the designated changing facilities. The dues are used for day to day operating expenses - including all mailings, printing of the newsletter and bulletins, and advertising. Members are charged an additional fee for admission to each meeting (September - June) to cover costs for room charges, refreshments, and special activities. A somewhat higher fee may be charged for the annual Holiday and Awards Banquets. All memberships are renewed on January 1 and prorated as needed for year 2. Dues can only be increased with the approval of the general membership.


All information about the organization, it's members, and events shall remain strictly confidential for the protection of all. There shall be no excessive use of alcohol and NO use of illegal drugs. Photos and publications shared with members shall not be of an explicit or pornographic nature. The minimum age is 18 and out of high-school may attend the meetings. Failure to comply with these rules will result in suspension of membership according to the procedures enumerated in the bylaws.

Members are also expected to avoid incidents that might lead to embarrassment or inadvertent "outing" of other members. For example, it is inappropriate to address another member in public by their club name when others are in the vicinity. It is also inappropriate for a crossdressed member to greet or approach a non-crossdressed member in public without first being acknowledged or invited.


Members are expected to conduct themselves in a courteous and thoughtful manner, respecting the privacy and concerns of others. This is especially important when encountering members of the staff or other patrons at the meeting establishment. Discretion is also expected in the presence of a member's spouse or significant other. At meetings you will be expected to use the designated restroom or, if unavailable, a restroom appropriate for your gender presentation. Smoking is not prohibited but smokers are encouraged to be considerate of the health concerns of non-smoking members. Although there is no dress code, members are encouraged to dress appropriately for the scheduled activities or event.

Photo Policy:

At meetings and events photographs or videos may be taken for club use. If you don't wish to be photographed or have your picture used in the Gazette please let us know. Anything that you send to be printed in the Gazette becomes the property of StLGF. You must inform the editor that you wish pictures returned in advance. Members are expected to destroy photos and old copies of the Gazette prior to disposal.Type your paragraph here.