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The Gazette
Volume 2015 ~ Edition 01 ~ January 2015

Happy New Year…It is good to be back!
After a very long absence the Gazette is back with a new start up look. It’s rebirth will be very simple. We are working very hard to make the Gazette into the newsletter you will be proud of again. Keeping our members and our supporters who read this newsletter informed; educated and enlighten is the goal of this publication. In this and subsequent editions you will find future meeting dates for the year; special events; short personal articles; photos; and reviews of TG friendly places to visit and shop.
I confess I can not fill the shoes of our past editors of this newsletter. Those ladies were great at their job and I do miss them. Please bear with me this first year.
I will welcome any feed back from our members.
Have a wonderful day and a healthy; happy and prosperous New Year.
Sharon Love

StLGF Officers
President ~ Ms. Debbie Brown
Vice President ~ Ms. Debbie Smith  Secretary ~ Ms. Donna Meyers   Treasurer ~ Mr. Andrew
Newsletter Editor ~ Ms. Sharon Love
StLGF advisory board & Past presidents in good standing

 Who We Are
The Saint Louis Gender Foundation (StLGF) is a resource group of, by, and for crossdressers, transgenderists, transsexuals, androgynous individuals, and those who care about them. The organization reaches out to all “gender questioning” adults and significant others regardless of race, religion, biological sex, marital status, or sexual orientation. By providing a nurturing atmosphere, we encourage personal growth and, self-acceptance, and provide opportunities for making new friends.

 Publication Policy
The “Gazette” is a monthly publication. The deadline for submissions is the 15th of the month prior to publication.
For information please use our voice mail number (314) 607-4163.
All submissions become the property of St. Louis Gender Foundation, and should be accompanied by a release-to print statement. Letters, articles, and/or pictures that include nudity, profanity, or obscenities will not be published.
We also reserve the right not to publish any other materials that we consider inappropriate. All issues are copyrighted.
However, any nonprofit organization or publication may reprint articles or other information from this publication, provided they allow the free use of their materials by other non-profit organizations.

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